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Message from Chairman

It gives me an immense pleasure introducing Alpine Management College [AMC] in Nepalgunj with the Bachelors of Business Administration [BBA] course which is fast emerging as most sougth after Management Undergraduate degree and is considered as an essential qualification for entry into the corporate world. Realizing the importance of a BBA College in Mid and Far Western Region we have pioneered Alpine Management College as a centre of academic excellence well-buttered by a cohesive team of experienced faculty members and dynamic professionals in the field of Management. We welcome students who have successfully completed 10+2 Exam and PCL from various streams such as management, science, humanities, engineering etc. We have already gained the trust and support from the students who have chosen to study in our college since establishment.

I would like to extend my best wishes and express commitment that while in Alpine Management College you will find yourself in an invigorating environment where learning is a continuous and a pleasant process and every aspiring student would receive boundless academic opportunities with an international flavor. It is the primary aim of everybody associated with our college to provide quality education in a quality setting, studded with hi-tech and time proven teaching and learning methodologies.

In addition to formal methods of learning we also make use of co-curricular activities, as well as ectra curricular programs. Directed by the mission of achieving overall personality development of students, we are working rigorously for developing globally employable and socially responsible citizens to our society, country and the world. I would like to wish the students for their better academic result and career; and a fruitful learning time for the students who aspire to join this college.

Name of Chairman