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Message from Campus Chief

Dear Guardians and students, From the very inception of this Alpine Management College [AMC], in 2009 A.D., it has been playing daring role for a quality education as per our motto – “We are together for a better tomorrow”. I am very happy and proud to declare to our entire respected guardians, students and the society that our college has been well appreciated for its successive maintenance of lively, friendly and stimulating learning environment. And it has been possible only through the contribution of highly competent and professional teachers, ever inspiring Board, Management Team and available academic and physical infrastructure.

The Management of this college is extremely serious and doing every attempts in providing comprehensive course in the field of management. We whet students’ talents through training, seminars, survey, fieldwork, guest lecture, research activities and high academic standard and good process or education to up lift the institute’s academic standard for your benefits. Now, the Board has directed management to produce the graduates not only what they are but who can transcend beyond theory, tradition, and beyond boundaries. Such proactive professional graduates cope up the present as well as future requirements of qualified human resource for the corporate and management sector both in national as well as global context.

We welcome to all the students preferring our college for their future career and thank to respected guardians choosing AMC for their youngsters. We assure we will transform your trust into vibrant professionals by instilling strong knowledge and skills, unwavering determining and aptitude and lead-traits which are very important to step above the general and excel in future careers and life.

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Campus Chief